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Netball Advantage Netball Courses

I have created 4 Netball Advantage Courses to help all Netball Coaches of all levels improve their coaching. Even advanced coaches will pick up or be reminded of vital coaching skills, so have a look.

I’ll be posting new units occasionally, so keep coming back to see what’s new. Regards, Gillian Lee




UNIT 1—Introduction

(2 minutes)

UNIT 2—Safety

(5 minutes)

UNIT 3—Organising Players

(9 minutes)

UNIT 4—Training Variation

(10 minutes)

UNIT 5—Looking Down

(7 minutes) NEW 2/5/19

Course 102

UNIT 1—Teaching New Activities

(10 minutes) NEW 13/5/19

UNIT 2—Observing Players Skills

(12 minutes) NEW 04/8/19

UNIT 3—Planning a Season

(17 minutes) NEW 23/10/19

Course 103

UNIT 1—Coming Forward

(13 minutes) NEW 20/02/2022

UNIT 2—Pivoting & Passing ahead

(10 minutes) NEW 20/02/2022

UNIT 3—Changing Direction

(9 minutes) NEW 20/02/2022

UNIT 4—Being Aggressive Enough

(7 minutes) NEW 20/02/2022

Netball - Skill Training Activities

These videos contain groups of activities that you can use at training.

Rather than just thinking of 1 activity at a time when planning training sessions, think of a section. Like the first video, Ball Handling in Pairs, are 8 activities completed in 2s with 1 ball. So instead of players just passing in pairs for 5 mins at training, use these 8 activities, changing activity every 30secs to a minute, so players are kept absorbed and challenged. You’ll find players will work at a higher intensity if you keep changing the activity slightly.

Also the second video teaches the ‘split & re-offer’ attacking move. The activities progress, making the activities harder and harder so players will master the skills.

Enjoy challenging yourself, as the coach, at training sessions. If you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Netball Training Games – 3 Activities

(2 minutes)

Netball Ball Handling in 2s – 8 Activities

(5 minutes)

Netball Split & Re-offer – 8 Activities

(5 minutes)

Netball Defending – 8 Activities

(7 minutes)